About Naomi D. Nakashima

Hi! I'm Naomi.

I am an author, ghostwriter, and editor on a mission to help a million people write and publish their books.

Through my blog and free trainings, memberships, mastermind groups, video courses, and an audience in 15+ countries, I help thousands of people just like you achieve their dream of being published.

One of the questions I hear the most often is why?

Why be a ghostwriter if you can just write your own books?

I've always wanted to be an author, for as long as I could remember. And just as I got started in my writing career, all the doubts came in:

  • Writers don't make any money
  • Writing is a nice hobby
  • Most authors won't make it

Society's opinions and doubts on writing seeped into my subconscious and all but convinced me that writing was never going to be a career. It was little more than a hobby that only the ultra-rich or ultra-good could ever hope to be successful at.

And then one day I grew up and I realized what a bunch of malarky that was. Writing is everywhere: books, music, ads, marketing, movies, poems, schools, communication...how can something that is everywhere ever be relegated to justhobby?

 And so I set out with new resolve to be an author and, not only that, but to help as many people realize the truth as possible.


Writing is a real job.

You can succeed as an author.

Your story matters.